It’s time for a challenging game – 100 exits by Apperleft

Posted: May 31, 2012 in new games, Walkthrough
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It’s time for a challenging game, the new star has arrived from the app store and is called 100 exits game. Apperleft aimed far when developing this game and releasing it in limited levels. A lot of developers use this tactic in order to allow the fans to stay alerted and expect the next updates.

100 exits from Apperleft is a new puzzle game that will develop your way of thinking and will give you a few pleasant hours of pure fun.
At 100 exits game you will solve many thinking riddles, when every riddle you solve will open the way and lead you to the next level. Use your imagination to get to solution in any way that occurs to you.

Need help? All levels Walkthrough (including level 1 to level 15) on this page 100 exits
100 exits game was released on May 25 with only 15 levels, but Apperleft promises that very soon you will get an update with additional levels.

game price is totally free and available on the app store.


  1. Kim says:

    There is a glitch with level 18 on 100 exits. I have done the walk through and did what it told me to do but nothing is happening.

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