Bridge Constructor Solutions

Posted: June 18, 2012 in Walkthrough

Headup Games GmbH & Co. KG company developed a unique puzzle application, Bridge Constructor is a puzzle game. The question is how easy it is for you to solve all levels without assistance.

Bridge Constructor application developer short description:
in bridge constructor, you can become an accomplished bridge builder without any formal training. play 30 different levels, and build bridges over deep valleys, canals, or rivers. stress tests reveal whether…

The following are 4 comments of users who loved this application:
“I was addicted from the first level. When can we have expansion packs and a free build option?” – 5 stars
“This game is the most ADDICTING, FUN, and AWESOME game E.V.E.R.” – 5 stars
“Very addicting I to hope they have a free play mode. 5/5” – 5 stars
“I always liked Bridge Construction Set on PC, and this is very similar. Nicely done.” – 5 stars

We gathered all solutions for this application, including last version levels, you can review it.
Enjoy the Bridge Constructor solutions from here


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