The Voxel Agents company developed a unique puzzle Game, Puzzle Retreat is a puzzle game link. The question is how easy it is for you to solve all levels without assistance.

Puzzle Retreat Game developer short description:
“i guarantee you will love this game.” — “puzzle retreat is a brilliant zen-like puzzler” — “seriously addictive easy-to-learn…

The following are 4 comments of users who loved this Game:
“Well done. Entertaining, sometimes mind bending but a bit repetitive.” – 4 stars
“Very addictive, makes you use your brain. If you like mind teasers this is for you.” – 5 stars
“Very well done puzzle game the levels are just the right difficulty and the new tile types keep the game interesting” – 5 stars
“Fun and a challenge. One of the best games I have tried.” – 5 stars

We gathered all answers for this Game, including last version levels, you can review it.
Here is the Puzzle Retreat answer that I guessed and share to you.


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