Unmechanical Answers

Posted: April 21, 2013 in Walkthrough
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Teotl Studios Ek. for. company developed a unique puzzle Game, Unmechanical is a puzzle game link. The question is how easy it is for you to solve all levels without assistance.

Unmechanical Game developer short description:
25 off – limited time release sale unmechanical is all about the adventure of a little helicopter trapped in a strange, but fascinating world. help him…

The following are 4 comments of users who loved this Game:
“Clever puzzles, good controls and never cheap about the solutions to the puzzles. Also, the hint system is very good at telling you what you should be working on, without telling you exactly how to do” – 5 stars
“Great game! Intriguing puzzles. Only complaint is that I wish it was a little longer. Please make a sequel or additional puzzles. Willing to pay for it” – 5 stars
“played this on steam fun! playing here double fun !” – 5 stars
“Unmechanical is another example of great game design and execution. The levels and puzzles are challenging, controls are easy to master and the artistic direction is fantastic. Add in cool , atmospher” – 5 stars

I’ve found 10 levels of them and will upload most of them later.
We gathered 10 solutions that will assist you get to a solution.


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