Palm Desert Studios, LLC company developed a unique cute iphone Game, Whats Behind – Swipe and Guess is a cute iphone game link. The question is how easy it is for you to solve all levels without assistance.

Whats Behind – Swipe and Guess Game developer short description:
hours of mind-bending fun as you try to guess what the hidden picture is. swipe away parts of the screen to reveal bits and pieces of the hidden mystery-picture….

The following are 4 comments of users who loved this Game:
“great way to kill time when you need to. i prefer the swiping over picking tiles.” – 5 stars
“It crashes when you in and out of the app a lot, but it works when you go back in after a crash. And also, a glitch, if it crashes, it might show the previous picture with the new puzzle letters. It o” – 5 stars
“Challenging. I like all of these kinds of puzzle games. Nice job.” – 4 stars
“I like this game a lot. Only reason I did not give it five stars is because it is a little easy.” – 4 stars

We gathered all solutions for this Game, including last version levels, you can review it.
Enjoy the Whats Behind – Swipe and Guess answers from here


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