SGN company developed a unique puzzle Game, Cookie Jam is a puzzle game App Store. The question is how easy it is for you to solve all levels without assistance.

Cookie Jam Game developer short description:
crunch your cookies before they crumble sprinkled with a deliciously sweet twist, this match-3 game is equal parts fun and challenging. hop in your traveling…

The following are 4 comments of users who loved this Game:
“This is a fun & addicting app to play! Have something else to do in the mean time while you wait for your lives to recharge (5 lives, 20 minute recharge).” – 5 stars
“I used to play candy crush until I discovered cookie jam. Game over, found my new love.” – 5 stars
“Could you please put the game on facebook,will get a lot more users to play the game” – 5 stars
“Wonderful graphics and really fun how many special combo blocks there are. Please change to allow advancing by getting all 3 star scores.Also, rainbow cake gets destroyed when hit by a special. It sho” – 4 stars

I’ve found 10 levels of them and will upload most of them later.
Here is the Cookie Jam answer that I guessed and share to you.

  1. patricia says:

    i have been stuck on level 562 for a month cannot get pass it love this game and do not want to quit please help thank you

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